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Important Note:
Spermicides are designed to be used together with a diaphragm or a cervical cap. Used without any barrier, only as a jelly, spermicides do not safely avoid pregnancies. Spermicides offer no protection against sexualy transmitted diseases.
In some countries, spermicides are available over the counter at pharmacies or drugstores. In others, spermicides are prescription drugs per legal requirement.
femprotec is based on a formula that has been developed by pharmacist to work with barriers. Products based on this formula are on the european market for more than 12 years now without problems. There have been no clinical studies to proof the spermicidal function of femprotec. There have been no clinical studies to proof the innocuousness of femprotec. Use at your own risk.
Vegan Note:
" The lactic acid used is not of animal origin and there is no animal contact in the production process. Same is valid for the other components: Citric acid, Glycerin, Tylose H300, Natriumlactat and Sorbin-acid.
There were no animal experiments before the production of these gels. "
tranlated quote from leadirekt.de/vegan.htm (page dealing with lea contraceptivum, a barriermethod)
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